Brad Leve

Lion Launch Pad Turning Students Into Entrepreneurs

May 7, 2015
Lion Launch Pad

Penn State’s initiative to promote entrepreneurship has helped programs like Lion Launch Pad, New Leaf and the Small Business Development Center. One in particular, Lion Launch Pad, serves as a business accelerator program that helps selected students turn their ideas into startups.

Liz Kisenwether and Brad Leve advise the group in the    Information Sciences and Technology Building. But according to Kisenwether, it took a lot of steps to get there. Lion Launch Pad started as an idea seven years ago, but ran into obstacles running as a for-profit venture on campus.

Eric Barron

Stanford has StubHub. Harvard has Facebook. Yale has FedEx.

So where’s Penn State’s startup breakthrough? After all, the university has received over $800 million in research funding every year since 2011. That amount of money places Penn State in the top 20 funded universities in the country.