Governor Tom Wolf

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HERSHEY, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania's Democratic governor and his Republican challenger are about to face off in what will be the fall race's only formal debate-style forum.
Gov. Tom Wolf and GOP nominee Scott Wagner are scheduled to take the stage Monday night in Hershey at the event moderated by "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek.
Wagner wants more debates, but Wolf is leading in polls and fundraising and has agreed to take part in just one head-to-head encounter.

Wolf Says 'No' To All But One Debate In Governor's Race

Aug 23, 2018
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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is agreeing to participate in just one debate before the Nov. 6 election with his Republican rival Scott Wagner, an event to be moderated by "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek.
Wolf's campaign said this week that will be his only debate, and gave no explanation as to why. That prompted Wagner's campaign to accuse Wolf of being "afraid to defend himself in front of Pennsylvanians."

Gov. Tom Wolf
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Governor Tom Wolf is saying he thinks more can be done to cut down on marijuana arrests in Pennsylvania.

In an interview on WITF’s Smart Talk, Wolf said in some municipalities, decriminalization is already underway. He noted that prosecutors are using their discretion to downgrade punishments for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

However, the governor said more “systematic” action still needs to be taken.

PA Budget Passes After Fast-track Negotiation

Jul 14, 2016
Lawmakers with paperwork
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After two days with an underfunded state budget, lawmakers have approved a revenue plan to balance the $31.5 billion spending bill.


Governor Tom Wolf has signed it Wednesday evening, putting an end to the 2016/17 budget process.


Wolf said the action saved the commonwealth from a repeat of last year’s budget debacle.


“Today’s passage of a revenue package means we avoid another lengthy impasse,” he said in an official statement. “Our budget is balanced this year, and we have greatly reduced the budget’s structural deficit.”


School building
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Pennsylvania will soon join the overwhelming majority of states that have a student-based formula for distributing state education funds.

Both the House passed the measure with a large majority Wednesday. The Senate did so last week.

For much of the past 25 years, the state has largely divided it's main pot of education money based on the principle that districts should never get less than the prior year.

Mary Wilson

Nearly nine months into the fiscal year, Pennsylvania's budget impasse will end -- or nearly end -- this week. 

Governor Tom Wolf, facing pressure from state-funded programs and fellow Democrats, said Wednesday he'll allow a roughly $6 billion supplemental funding plan to become law, but without his signature. 

"I cannot in good conscience sign this bill," said Wolf, speaking from a podium next to his office in the Capitol. "I cannot in good conscience attach my name to a budget that simply doesn't add up."

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and his wife, Frances
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Governor Tom Wolf says he has been diagnosed with a “mild” case of prostate cancer and will undergo treatment beginning in the next two weeks.

The governor says a routine checkup last fall gave him the first indication of cancer, and follow-up tests afterward confirmed it.

He wouldn’t detail the extent of the cancer, nor the treatment he’ll receive for it, but he says he won’t need chemotherapy. He doesn’t expect his treatment to interfere with his duties as governor.

Gov. Tom Wolf
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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says the state will continue its plans to cut carbon emissions. That's despite a surprise move by the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday that put a hold on Obama's initiative to force states to cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

Pennsylvania has been on target to comply with the federal Clean Power Plan, and its target of reducing emissions 32 percent by 2030.

In the meantime, 27 other states opposed to the plan have challenged it in court. The Supreme Court has halted any further implementation of the plan until the court battle is over.

Gov. Tom Wolf giving budget address to full room.
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Democratic Governor Tom Wolf offered up some tough talk for the GOP-controlled state Legislature in his second budget address, scarcely mentioning the details of his proposed $33.3 billion plan.

“Usually this speech is an opportunity to lay out an ambitious agenda for the year ahead,” Wolf said. “But I can’t give that speech. Not under these circumstances.”

Wolf’s proposal calls for $2.7 billion in new and higher taxes to close a budget gap and funnel more money into education, human services, and mandated spending.

Gov. Tom Wolf Unveils 2016-17 Budget Proposal

Feb 9, 2016
Gov. Tom Wolf, with Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny and Lt. Gov. Mike Stack behind him.
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Gov. Tom Wolf warned lawmakers on Tuesday that Pennsylvania's finances are a ticking time bomb amid a record-long budget gridlock, sending them a spending proposal for the coming fiscal year with no full plan in place for the fiscal year that began back in July.

This past August, President Obama announced his Clean Power Plan. It’s the first-ever national standards to limit carbon pollution from power plants, the largest source of carbon emissions in the U.S. What does this mean for Pennsylvania?  What role will the public play in crafting PA’s plan?   DEP’s Secretary John Quigley is our guest.