Erie County

A teacher reads to kids at Step by Step School for Early Learning in State College, Pa.
Min Xian / Keystone Crossroads

In some ways, Rachel Johnson is grateful for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s mid-March business shutdown order: it took the agonizing decision over whether to close the child care center she runs with her husband out of their hands.

“It was sad and scary, but in a way, easy, because the choice was made for us,” said Johnson, 36, who runs Step by Step School for Early Learning in Centre County. “It was like, ‘Ok, we have to close.’ There was nothing to think about.”

In a video on April 11, 2020, Andrew Cousins shows a view of Presque Isle Bay.
Andrew Cousins

In a parking lot in Erie, Andrew Cousins sat in his car and waited for one of his rideshare apps to ping him, letting him know a customer was nearby.

He’d been out for a couple hours with only a few customers.