Take Note: Pa.'s Lieutenant Governor On Marijuana, The Board Of Pardons And Why He Got Into Politics

Apr 26, 2019

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has been criss-crossing Pennsylvania on "Listening Tour" to find out what Pennsylvanians think about legalizing recreational marijuana.
Credit Min Xian / WPSU

The lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, has been crisscrossing the state to hear what people have to say about legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania. The “listening tour” follows Fetterman’s election as lieutenant governor. Before that, he had begun to serve in his fourth term as mayor of Braddock. Fetterman is known for his unconventional approach to politics, winning his first term as mayor by one vote. WPSU's Anne Danahy spoke with Fetterman about legalizing marijuana, Gov. Tom Wolf's proposal for a severance tax to fund infrastructure and why he got involved in politics.