Nestle Waters Opens Bellefonte Office

Apr 3, 2018

Eric Andreus, Nestle's natural manager for the mid-Atlantic, discusses the company's potential water bottling facility in Centre County. Nestle Waters opened an office in Bellefonte with drop-in hours for the public.
Credit Anne Danahy / WPSU

Eric Andreus is Nestle Waters' natural resource manager for the mid-Atlantic.

On Monday, he was in the company’s new Bellefonte office in case anyone dropped by with questions.

“I certainly encourage people to come by if they have any questions about this project. Let’s sit down and talk about the project," Andreus said. "I would like to have an opportunity to speak with people and get the factual information out so they can make an informed decision.”

The proposed project would pay for water from the Spring Township Water Authority. It would be packaged at a plant in Spring or Benner township.

Some residents have raised concerns about the company taking water from the area, the potential environmental impacts and whether there has been enough openness in the process.  

The company will have office hours the first Monday afternoon of every month, with additional hours to be announced.