Morgan Noelle Smith

Morgan Noelle Smith is a video producer at NPR, primarily filming and producing the Tiny Desk Concert series. In this role, some of her most memorable moments have included covering the solar eclipse in August 2017, and giving Haley Williams a hug after her performance at the Tiny Desk.

Smith has a BA in photojournalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating, she lived in Brisbane, Australia, where she worked as a freelance photographer.

The Tiny Desk team had huge plans for 2020 — including what should have been the taping of our 1000th Tiny Desk concert — only to pivot madly as COVID-19 forced the closure of NPR headquarters in mid-March. By the end of that month, we'd launched a new companion series: Tiny Desk (home) concerts, which gathered intimate, Tiny Desk-style performances from all over the world. It's been a feat of forced innovation, made possible through inspired performances and our incomparable Tiny Desk team of producers, videographers and engineers.