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Gas prices are up 50% since last July 4th. DuBois residents say they're feeling the effects

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Maddie Miller
Even with historically high gas prices, AAA reports that many people are opting for car travel over the Fourth of July weekend.

Current gas prices are more than 50% higher than last year’s, and DuBois area residents say they're hurting from higher prices and making changes to their driving habits.

Scott Sullivan lives in Treasure Lake. He said the surge in prices did not prevent him from vacationing recently, but he certainly felt pain at the pump. He said the current gas prices are…

“…off the chart. We just got back from a week vacation and [with] gas prices doubling, we’re just not real happy,” Sullivan said.

For some, steep gas prices are changing driving habits. John Sharrow lives in DuBois. He said he’s cut back on leisure driving to save money.

“We used to like to ride around the community. With the gas prices, that’s been kind of stopping. We don’t go take our evening rides around the community,” Sharrow said.

AAA predicts that nearly 42 million people will travel by car over the holiday weekend. Due to recent issues with airline cancellations and delays, it predicts the share of people traveling by air will drop by nearly 10% compared to 2019.