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Voters React To The Last Presidential Debate Before November's Election


The presidential candidates met last night in Nashville for their final debate of the election season. Quick overall review - less yelling, more policy. What did voters make of it?

ALEXANDER VASQUEZ: They actually were pretty evenly matched. I was sort of surprised at the restraint that Trump was able to convey this time around, especially after the first debate, which was such a chaotic spectacle.

MARTIN: Alexander Vasquez (ph) of Boston has already voted for Biden. But he was impressed by Trump's performance last night.

VASQUEZ: And I sort of felt like, you know, as somebody who's supporting Biden throughout this, that he did, like, a fine job of actually standing up to Trump and sort of hitting him with facts. That being said, I do think Trump did a much better job of getting his point across. And there were some moments in which I thought he might've had the edge as well.


All right. So more than 47 million people have already voted - Vasquez is one of them - which means the number of people who can still be persuaded one way or another is shrinking. Katie Carnes (ph) in Salem, Ore., is one of them. She is still undecided.

KATIE CARNES: I feel like there was a lot of opportunities for both candidates to address questions whether they chose to answer them or not.

KING: She was relieved there was less bickering this time around.

CARNES: This is also why I have moved towards being independent. I'm tired of the fighting.

MARTIN: The final question of the night was what each candidate would say to Americans who didn't vote for them. Carnes thought Trump didn't manage to, quote, "give a solid pitch to the audience." Veronica Williams (ph) of Phoenix, Ariz., paid close attention to that last question, too.

VERONICA WILLIAMS: Biden did a better job explaining a little bit more of what his plan would be to unify the country. I don't think Trump did anything to make it clear that he sees United States as unity, as a full country. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.