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Podcast Playlist: Transform Your New Year's Resolutions Into Habits

Podcast episodes to help you start the year off right.
Clare Schneider
Podcast episodes to help you start the year off right.

This new year, maybe you have dreams of saving just a little more, working out twice a week or expanding your social circle.

We all know how these goals start — the first week of January you go on a run before work, vow to pay off every loan and set up a coffee date with a friend crush. But by the second week of January it feels unsustainable. Who really has time to work out before 8 a.m?

If you want help making changes that stick this year, Life Kit has put together a playlist of some of our favorite episodes to help you turn resolutions into habits.

We'll be adding new episodes to this list throughout January, so follow our Habits > Resolutions Spotify playlist. Happy habit-building!

For your $$$

Whether you're in debt, paying off loans or just want to stop wondering what you'll find when you check your bank account balance, Life Kit has personal finance hacks to help. Listen to:

  • 6 Simple Rules For Saving
  • 7 Strategies For Digging Out Of Debt
  • Never Pay An Unnecessary Fee Again
  • Pay Off Student Loans The Smart Way
  • For your bedtime ritual

    If you're making to-do lists and mentally rehashing conversations while you toss and turn, it might be time to try some new sleep routines. Falling asleep (and staying asleep) can feel like a battle. If you're looking for tips to rest easy in the new year, listen to:

  • Don't Count Sheep: Better Bedtime Rituals
  • For your heart

    Just thinking differently about moving your body can help reframe how you feel about exercise. You don't need 30 minutes, special equipment or even to break a sweat for movement to count as exercise. Listen to:

  • This 22-Minute Workout Has Everything You Need
  • For your mind and body

    Feeling good about the body you're living in isn't always easy, but it can help promote physical (and mental) health. For health advice that won't overwhelm you, listen to:

  • Boost Your Body Acceptance For Better Health
  • 6 Food Tips: A No-Fuss Guide To A Healthy Diet
  • Choose The Best Diet For You
  • Let us know how your New Year's goals are going. Send us a note at or say "hi" at @NPRLifeKit.

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    Clare Schneider