Construction workers stand at the intersection of Park Avenue and North Atherton Street.
Brittany Krugel / WPSU

Thousands drive down North Atherton Street every day in hopes that they will no longer have to deal with the construction that started in 2015. 

According to Marla Fannin, PennDOT Press Officer for District 2, the end could be in sight in June 2020.

Fannin said the construction will be on pause during the colder months. 

The crosswalk at the corner of Park Avenue and North Atherton Street will be closed for construction until the end of September.
Brittany Krugel / WPSU

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently alerted State College pedestrians they will not be allowed to cross at a heavily trafficked intersection. 

Through the month of September, pedestrians are prohibited from crossing the intersection at Park Avenue and North Atherton Street.

Marc Maney, PennDOT’s Transportation Construction Inspector Supervisor, said their main priority is the safety of pedestrians. 

road construction signs
Anne Danahy / WPSU

Road construction in Centre County shows no signs of stopping, but some of it will be slowing down for upcoming events.

Penn State student move-in, Grange Fair and Ag Progress Days are all on the calendar for August. PennDOT and local officials said they know that and they’re trying to keep traffic moving. That includes on Atherton Street.

Marc Maney, with PennDOT, said that project is slated to be finished by Thanksgiving 2019.

County leaders stand with PennDOT secretary
Anne Danahy / WPSU

Politicians, business leaders and Centre County officials came together Tuesday to celebrate a $35 million federal transportation grant that will go toward the Interstate 80 and 99 interchange project.

PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards said the federal money will be the catalyst to get the entire project moving forward.

“It is not often that we get tens of millions of dollars in federal funds to help us with a major project," Richards said. "That’s exactly what we’re celebrating here today.”

construction on Route 322
Anne Danahy / WPSU

Construction is underway on PennDOT’s Potters Mills Gap project, which will extend the four-lane highway from the Centre and Mifflin counties border to west of Potters Mills.

“Right about where that yellow truck is dumping, that will be the bridge, and the roundabout will be just to the right of that where you see that pick-up truck," said construction manager Greg Sidorick on a tour of the project that will eventually mean smoother driving on Route 322 through Potters Mills.

Traffic at a standstill
Anne Danahy / WPSU


If you’ve driven on Route 322 where Centre and Mifflin counties meet recently, you may have sat in traffic at a standstill.

The delays have come from work on an $82 million project that will eventually mean easier — and safer — driving on Route 322. 

“We’re going to be improving the roadway from a two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway, and that will alleviate congestion, a lot of traffic to move more safely and freely through that Potters Mills Gap area,” said Brent Lykens, construction services engineer with PennDOT.

Crews excavated ground from around a sinkhole that opened up on College Avenue near the Nittany Mall.
Tyler Olson / WPSU

Drivers on part of East College Avenue outside of State College are being forced to take a detour thanks to a sinkhole that opened up over the weekend.

A sinkhole about one and a half feet wide was discovered Saturday afternoon on East College Avenue near the Nittany Mall. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation immediately closed the stretch between Benner Pike and Shiloh Road for repairs. For now, drivers are taking a short detour.

biker in traffic
Emma Lee / Newsworks

PennDOT is updating its statewide bicycle and pedestrian master plan. That includes a 22-question survey that will help regional and state planners.

Roy Gothie is PennDOT’s statewide bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. He said part of PennDOT’s job is to support riding and walking as transportation.

intersection aerial view

The public will have a chance to learn about plans for improving the intersection of routes 26 and 45 at a meeting Monday.

The intersection of state routes 26 and 45 near Pine Grove Mills has been the site of enough crashes that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has been studying what can be done to improve it.

Project Manager Leigh Woolridge said PennDOT has narrowed it down to three options. Two of those include installing a traffic light. The other would mean a two-lane roundabout.

It’s a weekday morning on North Atherton Street in State College. For David Reitter, a Penn State faculty member, and others commuting on that road, it usually means one thing.

“Just like everybody else, I get stuck in traffic.”

A gas line relocation project means torn up roads on North Atherton in advance of a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation roadway project. Drivers there dutifully merge from two lanes into one, sometimes well in advance of road work.