Penn State Arboretum

Blue construction fence wrap surrounds the Arboretum space under development.
Brannon DeWolf / WPSU

Construction is underway on the Arboretum’s new Pollinator and Bird Garden. The $9 million project is the culmination of years of development going back nearly a decade.

Arboretum director Kim Steiner said the new garden will be unlike anything done before.

“Nobody has ever tried to do what we’re going to try to do here and that is attract every single species of native pollinator in this region. And that’s several hundred species of insects,” Steiner said.

Arboretum cultural district concept plan by Ayers Saint Gross.
Ayers Saint Gross

Penn State is consulting with alumni and local community members about potentially adding a “cultural district” to the University Park campus.

The university is considering building a collection of arts and science related spaces out near the Arboretum. A survey was sent to alumni and other potential donors in order to gauge interest in funding the development.

David Lieb, Penn State’s senior associate vice president for development, says the cultural district would be for both students and community members.

Colorful Steel Sculptures Featured At Penn State's Arboretum

Jun 2, 2016
Artist Robert Anderson in a chair sculpture.
Min Xian / WPSU

Saturday is opening day for Sculptures in Steel, a solo art exhibition at the Penn State Arboretum. 

If you visit the arboretum between now and October, you may find brightly colored surprises among the greenery: gigantic sheets of steel -- some folded into cranes, some inflated and floating in the pond, and others looming next to flowering trees.

Robert Anderson says his sculptures are inspired by nature and compliment this exhibit’s natural setting.