North Atherton Street

Construction workers stand at the intersection of Park Avenue and North Atherton Street.
Brittany Krugel / WPSU

Thousands drive down North Atherton Street every day in hopes that they will no longer have to deal with the construction that started in 2015. 

According to Marla Fannin, PennDOT Press Officer for District 2, the end could be in sight in June 2020.

Fannin said the construction will be on pause during the colder months. 

The crosswalk at the corner of Park Avenue and North Atherton Street will be closed for construction until the end of September.
Brittany Krugel / WPSU

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently alerted State College pedestrians they will not be allowed to cross at a heavily trafficked intersection. 

Through the month of September, pedestrians are prohibited from crossing the intersection at Park Avenue and North Atherton Street.

Marc Maney, PennDOT’s Transportation Construction Inspector Supervisor, said their main priority is the safety of pedestrians.