Andrae Holsey is the new President of Blair County Chapter of NAACP.
Courtesy of Andrae Holsey


The Blair County Chapter of the NAACP has named a new leader and a slate of new officers, after longtime president Don Witherspoon passed away and three other senior positions were vacated.


WPSU’s Min Xian talks with the new President and CEO, Andrae Holsey, about his background and his visions for the role.

Here’s the conversation:

Min Xian: Andrae Holsey, thank you for joining us. 

Andrae Holsey: Absolutely. It's my honor and my pleasure. 

The Juneteenth event will be held at State College's Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza.
Min Xian / WPSU

On Friday, State College’s new chapter of the NAACP will host its first-ever Juneteenth celebration. The event, which honors the emancipation of the last remaining African American slaves in 1865, will be held at State College’s Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza.