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It's Halloween: time for chilling tales of local hauntings.  And in the interview below, Matthew Swayne delivers the goods. Swayne, originally from Tyrone, Pennsylvania,  is a science writer for Penn State's Institute for Computational Sciences.  He is also the author of "Haunted Valley: the Ghosts of Penn State."


ALLEN: You wrote a book on hauntings at Penn State.  How did you get interested in that?

Officer Adam Salyards.
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As young trick or treaters geared up to collect their candy, a local tornado watch that was in effect until Thursday at midnight had other plans. 

Adam Salyards is community relations and crime prevention specialist for the State College Police Department.

"Children’s safety comes first and foremost in our minds and we just want to make sure everyone is able to go out when the weather is decent and everyone can remain safe,” Salyards said.

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To celebrate Halloween, we have a ghost story for you, told to WPSU back in 2015.  It's a firsthand account of strange phenomena at the Mishler Theatre in Altoona, which is rumored to be haunted. Marlene Liszka is a retired professor from Penn State Altoona who does technical work for Altoona Community Theatre. She spoke with WPSU’s Kristine Allen  about what she saw and heard at the Mishler Theatre.

To hear other ghost stories, including more from the Mishler, and a Halloween soundscape of eerie music, listen to Fright Night, tonight from 8:00 p.m. to midnight on WPSU-FM.  

image: courtesy of the Altoona Symphony

As Halloween approaches, there is no shortage of thrills and chills to enjoy around Central Pennsylvania. Here are a few highlights from WPSU’s Community Calendar:

The Altoona Symphony takes on a vampire’s soundtrack in "Nosferatu: a Symphony of Horror." 

You can see classic 1920’s vampire film, “Nosferatu,” in all its gory glory, Saturday evening at the historic Mishler Theatre in Altoona. 

Join us for Fright Night, tonight from 8:00 to midnight on WPSU-FM.  You'll hear an eclectic mix of scary music, stories by Edgar Allen Poe, and some first-person accounts of hauntings at the Mishler Theatre in Altoona, which first opened its doors in 1906.

courtesy of Altoona Community Theatre

Altoona Community Theatre  presents GHOST TOURS of the Mishler Theatre in Altoona Wednesday, October 29 and Friday, October 31.  While the tours features actors as  "live" ghosts, rumor has it that the Mishler is also haunted.

(NOTE: Be sure to listen to FRIGHT NIGHT, Friday, October 31 from 8:00 to midnight, to hear more extended stories from those who've experienced spooky, unexplained events at the Mishler Theatre)