The set up on Stone Mountain consists of a radio tower, solar panels and an equipment room and is key to how the Rural Broadband Cooperative is delivering broadband internet to its users.
Min Xian / Keystone Crossroads


Henry McCreary and his friends were fed up.

In their part of rural Huntingdon County, access to high-speed internet was mostly limited, expensive and unreliable.

As a retired telecommunications manager, he couldn’t believe that at the same time many parts of the country were building state-of-the-art 5G infrastructure, people in his community were still stuck in the dark ages.

A screenshot of the map related to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania broadband study shows only some fractions of the state meet the FCC definition of broadband internet downloading speed.

A new report released on Monday by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania says the Federal Communications Commission overstates broadband internet availability and access across Pennsylvania.

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania hosted a public hearing in Tioga County on Thursday, hearing from providers and consumers about the lack of broadband access in rural areas.
Min Xian / WPSU

Dr. Robert Gillio is in charge of telemedicine at J.C. Blair Hospital in Huntingdon county.

But he has no internet access at home.

“I can’t get Comcast at my house, two miles from the hospital,” Gillio said. “I want to log in at home and help? I got to drive to the damn hospital to log in to help my patient with telemedicine.”