Arts Fest

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College.

Penn State Ph.D. candidate Tiffany Knearem holds up a poster advertising the app she helped create for this year's Arts Fest.
Steph Krane / WPSU

An interactive app developed by Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology wants to know what your favorite festival activity or banner is at this year’s Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.

Tiffany Knearem is a Ph.D. candidate who oversaw the development of this year’s app, which the college creates a new version of every year. Her research identified three types of people who attend Arts Fest and created prompts that users can respond to by uploading pictures to the app.

Marilyn Blackmore / Art in the Wilds

Evergreen park in Kane has 19 acres of lush greenery and, as the name suggests, tall pine trees.  This is where the artists gather each year to sell their wares at the annual Art in the Wilds juried art show.

“We have 40 artists, all in their own white tents,” says Marilyn Blackmore.  She grew up in Kane, and is executive director of Art in the Wilds. 

photo: courtesy of Steven Getz

Live jazz and a juried art show will take over Main Street in Lock Haven this weekend, at the 3rd annual Lock Haven Jazz and Art on Main Street Festival, or “JAMS” for short.

“It’s all in the same block, because we actually close it off,” says Carol Ann Simon Cillo, a mixed media artist and president of the Clinton County Arts Council.  She’s a co-founder of the festival.

Hear "The Sounds Of Science" This Arts Fest

Jul 12, 2018
Penn State professor Mark Ballora turns datasets into sound and music.
Patrick Mansell / Penn State

Does scientific data have a sound? We’re accustomed to seeing data represented on graphs and pie charts, but Penn State music professor Mark Ballora uses sound to represent data.

“The sounds of science are really cool," Ballora said. "I’ve got some representations of tropical storms that give you an idea of how a tropical storm evolves. It sounds windy. It sounds swirly. It sounds ominous. I’ve got some sounds I’ve made from outer space. From datasets from cosmologists. And they sound pretty spacey and cool.”

State College's parking ordinance restricts street parking from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., but the borough informally waive that rule for Penn State football home games and the Arts Fest. That's expected to change this fall.
Min Xian / WPSU


For a long time, Penn State football fans have parked overnight in the State College borough for free during home game weekends, because the borough informally makes an exception for its parking prohibition from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

But that will change this fall.

Event organizers Howie Shultz and Shelby Caraway stand behind one of Shultz's pieces for sale at the Art with a Heart event on Saturday.
Katie DeFiore / WPSU

In the midst of the Central Pennsylvania Festival for the Arts, 15 artists decided to donate a total of 360 pieces to Calvary Church’s new Art with a Heart event.

The community event took place on Saturday and raised $6,000 for five different nonprofits.

Calvary Church employee Shelby Caraway and photographer Howie Shultz organized the event as a way to give back to the community.

Creamery Celebrates Anniversary with New Flavor

Jul 17, 2015

During the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Penn State's Berkey Creamery continued its 150th anniversary celebrations by unveiling its newest flavor, birthday cake. Earlier in the summer, Creamery fans voted for the newest addition to the menu and birthday cake received more than 2,000 votes. 

Logo courtesy of Thaw Festival

There's a new festival underway in State College to bring music, film, and more to State College this weekend,  to replace the student-led State Patty's Day celebrations.  In fact, it's more than just one festival.  WPSU's Kristine Allen reports.

Thanks to WPSU intern Jake Somerville for help with this story.

Thaw Festival website:  /

College Town Film Festival website:

Room 304 in Hamilton Hall is transformed into a make-shift hotel room for Arts Festival. The dorm itself is sparsely furnished. But it includes every amenity one needs during a weekend getaway.

Each dorm room comes with its own bed, linens, towels, blankets, drawers, and closet. Soap and washcloths are complimentary.

Lindsay Cowen is the Assistant Director of the Penn State Alumni Association’s events team. She helped organize the weekend’s housing in Hamilton, and says the dorm’s location is perfect for Arts Fest.

Arts Fest Goes Zero Waste

Jul 7, 2014
Brad Fey with Recycling bins
Kelly Tunney / WPSU

When Brad Fey volunteered on Arts Fest’s trash crew with his Rotary Club, he was dismayed by the 75 tons of garbage it produced each year.

As he filled dumpster after dumpster to the brim, Fey discovered most trash collected Arts Festival weekend could be recycled, or even composted, instead of simply deposited in a local landfill.

“Paper cups, napkins all that stuff turns into soil after you compost it,” Fey said. “Going by experience of collecting trash at arts fest, that’s a lot of what is in the trash.”