WPSU Blues Archive - April 20, 2019

Apr 21, 2019

Eddi Reader
Credit Kenny Mathieson / eddireader.co.uk

An archive recording of the WPSU Blues show as aired on April 20, 2019 and hosted by Max Spiegel. This week, its Max’s 5th Annual Max’s Birthday Show where the program is filled with his favorite songs. 

In the first hour, hear tracks from Ry Cooder, Prince, Rev. Gary Davis, Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, Mel Tormé, Richard Thompson, Tom Waites, Jack Shelton, Bob Dylan, Brad Vickers and His Vestapolitans, and more.

In the second hour, hear Eddi Reader, The Black Keys, The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, Cody Chesnutt, The Police, Robert Petway, Bukka White, Leonard Cohen, The Allman Brothers, and more.