Take Note: Project Drawdown Conference Focuses On Top 100 Actions To Reverse Climate Change

Sep 6, 2019

Penn State professors Esther Obonyo and Erica Smithwick will be speakers at the Project Drawdown conference Sept. 16-18.
Credit Emily Reddy / WPSU

Penn State will host the Project Drawdown conference Sept. 16-18. It’s based on a book that outlines the 100 top actions to reverse climate change.

We talked with two conference presenters about “Drawdown” and the research they’re doing into fighting global warming.

Dr. Erica Smithwick is a Professor of Geography at Penn State as well as an Associate Director of the Institutes of Energy and Environment at Penn State. Dr. Esther Obonyo is an Associate Professor of Engineering Design and Architectural Engineering at Penn State and the director of the Global Building Network.