Take Note: "Lake of Betrayal: The Story of the Kinzua Dam," with Scott Sackett and Paul Lamont

Dec 29, 2017

On Thursday, January 4 at 8:00pm, WPSU-TV will broadcast the PBS documentary, “Lake of Betrayal: The Story of Kinzua Dam” about the history of the Kinzua Dam in Warren County, Pennsylvania. 

When the dam was built in the 1960’s to curb flooding along the Allegheny River, the US Government broke a treaty with Native American Seneca Nation that George Washington had signed in order to confiscate some 10,000 acres of Seneca land. Whole neighborhoods were burned and flooded to form a reservoir, displacing the Seneca from their homes and forests.

On this edition of Take Note, WPSU’s Kristine Allen speaks with Scott Sackett and Paul Lamont, who co-wrote the PBS documentary, “Lake of Betrayal.”

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