Take Note: Geoscientist Terry Engelder On Fracking, Both Good And Bad

Jul 31, 2020

Terry Engelder, professor emeritus of geosciences at Penn State, holding a large rock.
Credit John Beale / Penn State

In 2007, Terry Engelder, then a professor of geosciences at Penn State, estimated how much natural gas could be accessed in the Marcellus Shale formation using hydrofracking. That calculation led to a drilling boom across the Marcellus region in Pennsylvania.

Widely recognized for his work, Engelder has advised state agencies and received funding from companies in the industry. Now retired and a professor emeritus, Engelder is working on a book called “A Frackademic from Appalachia.” 

Along with economic benefits, the surge in gas exploration in Pennsylvania led to environmental and health concerns. In June, the state Attorney General announced the findings of a Pennsylvania grand jury condemning the DEP and state Department of Health for inadequate oversight of the natural gas industry.

WPSU's Anne Danahy spoke with Engelder about his work and that report.