Take Note: Aija Mayrock On How To Survive Teen Bullying

Dec 14, 2017

Carolyn Donaldson with Aija Mayrock, the author of “The Survival Guide to Bullying.”
Credit WPSU

As the victim of bullying since childhood, Aija Mayrock fought back writing “The Survival Guide to Bullying” in her teens.  As she says today at 22, “I realized that I had to create a little, yet powerful survival guide that any kid could use as a life-saving device when they were being bullied in the gym, the cafeteria, the locker room, the class room, the hallways — anywhere.  A guide that could be a road map, a flashlight, or a friend. So here it is. This book is my gift to you.”  WPSU’s Carolyn Donaldson talked with Mayrock for “Take Note.”