State Says 24 COVID-19 Test Results In Centre County Not Valid, Removes From Case Count

Jul 30, 2020

In this file photo from summer 2020, a sign in front of the Mount Nittany Medical Center asks visitors to see a staff member if they have COVID-19 symptoms.
Credit Min Xian / WPSU

The state removed 24 COVID-19 cases from Centre County’s count Thursday, reflecting corrections made to previous test results the Department of Health said were “not valid.”

Centre County saw its largest single-day jump in COVID-19 cases, increasing by 43 to 356 on Sunday. The sharp increase prompted Mount Nittany Health to contact the state Department of Health, which led to retesting.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Health determined a number of the positive test results were not valid,” department spokeswoman Maggi Mumma said. “We retested individuals and upon reviewing those results, it led to a number of cases being removed from the case count for Centre County. In total, 24 cases were removed from the Centre County count due to this.”

Thursday’s count is now 353 cases in Centre County, down from 370 on Wednesday. 

The case numbers in central Pennsylvania, including Centre County, are still rising. On July 23, there were 304 confirmed and probable cases in Centre County.

Overall, there are 111,078 confirmed and probable cases in Pennsylvania as of Thursday.