State College On The Path To Becoming More Bike Friendly

May 18, 2016

Centre County non-profit Centre Bike held a meeting last night to update residents on their plan to create a more bike-friendly State College.  

Representatives from several townships presented plans to improve existing bike paths and create new ones.

State College residents heard plans to improve and add bike paths in the region on May 17, 2016.
Credit Erin Cassidy Hendrick

Centre Bike president Anna Nelson believes there are many positives to creating a bike-friendly community.

She said, “More and more, people are looking at bikes as not just recreation, but as a means of transportation…It’s a wonderful form of exercise and way to see our community. You know, there’s an experience of traveling around our community by bike, you see things you wouldn’t if you were just whizzing through in a car.”

Currently, the League of American Bicyclists designates State College a “bronze level” bike-friendly community. The town hopes to be bumped up to “silver level” with their next application this summer.