State College Borough Holds Public Hearing On Marijuana Ordinance

May 3, 2016

The State College Borough Council meeting on May 2nd, 2016.
Credit Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Last night, the State College Borough Council held a public hearing on a proposal to reduce penalties for marijuana possession within the borough from a misdemeanor to a fine.

The audience was overwhelmingly in favor, with only 2 community members speaking against the ordinance.

Penn State College Democrats President Veronica Weyhrauch spoke in favor. “These are young people trying to start their lives, trying to start their careers and they shouldn’t be burdened with a misdemeanor,” she said.

As it’s currently written, possessing drug paraphernalia like bongs or pipes would still be a misdemeanor offense. Several community members asked that the ordinance lessen this penalty as well.

The council will vote on the measure in the near future.