Split Opinions Leave Patton Township Project Up In The Air

May 10, 2018

Split opinions on whether to pass a new zoning code for a Patton township development project have left the future of the potential development uncertain. 

After nearly three hours of hearing public input and discussing among themselves, the Patton Township Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 against passing the new zoning code on Wednesday. 

The proposed mixed-use overlay zoning would have permitted Patton Crossing to develop on the former Penn State mobile home park site, with conditions including creating five percent affordable housing units and limiting buildings as tall as 60 feet to 30 percent of the total area.

Dozens of township residents voiced their thoughts on the new zoning code and the project. Both objections and supports were strong. Members of the board had concerns over affordable housing units and overall density. They voted “no” to give themselves a chance to modify the code, such as proposing ten percent affordable housing units. 

After the vote, one of the developers, Bob Poole, told the board developers would withdraw their project if terms were changed. After the unexpected announcement, Poole said as he left, “It’s up to the board.” 

Members of the citizen advisory committee, which proposed restrictions on the zoning code, said they believe the consideration is still on the table, but that developers are drawing a line. 

The 28 acre site is currently zoned as C1 and R3. Under this code, developers are free to build one story commercial buildings and some luxury student housing.