The Short List: What We Know About Joe Biden's VP Search

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Originally published on June 30, 2020 2:18 pm

Who will Joe Biden select as his running mate? We assess his short list of candidates.


Christopher Devine, political science professor at the University of Dayton. Co-author of “Do Running Mates Matter?” (@ProfDevine)

Milton Kent, professor of journalism at Morgan State University. Host of WYPR’s “Sports at Large.” (@SportsAtLarge)

Steve Phillips, host of the podcast “Democracy in Color with Steve Phillips.” (@StevePtweets)

Rep. Wendy Brawley, Democratic representative for District 70 in the South Carolina legislature.

From The Reading List

New York Times: “Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and More: Who’s in the Running to be Biden’s V.P.?” — “Joseph R. Biden Jr. is deep into his search for a running mate. The process began with a list of more than a dozen potential candidates, all of them women.”

WBUR: “Elizabeth Warren’s VP Chances: She’s On ‘A Very, Very Short List’” — “Former Vice President Joe Biden says he will be naming a panel soon to help him vet and select a running mate. Biden has said that he intends to name a woman, which has led to buzz around a number of potential candidates, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.”

Baltimore Sun: “Commentary: Val Demings should be our next vice president” — “Now that former Vice President Joe Biden has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, his next big task, save for polishing up his convention speech, is to pick a running mate.”

New York Times: “It’s Obvious Whom Joe Biden Should Pick as Vice President” — “As Joe Biden formally begins his vice-presidential selection process, he needs to find a running mate who strengthens the Democratic ticket in the areas where he is weakest.”

Politico: “Kamala emerges as early Biden VP favorite as sting of debate attack fades” — “As the vetting process gets underway, major Biden supporters see her as the best fit, though Warren is a leading contender, too.”

New York Times: “‘It’s More Than a Seat at the Table’” — “Senator Kamala Harris used to call it the ‘donkey in the room’ — the (occasionally whispered) notion that she could not be the Democratic presidential nominee because it was inconceivable that she, a black woman, could win over a majority of voters.”

The Hill: “Warren top choice for VP for some Black progressives” — “Some Black progressives are calling for Joe Biden to pick Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as his running mate, even as the Biden campaign faces pressure to select a woman of color.”

FiveThirtyEight: “The Debate Over Biden’s VP Pick Is Full Of Half-Truths And Misleading Arguments” — “People who want Sen. Kamala Harris or another Black woman to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate often claim that a Black woman will substantially boost enthusiasm among Black voters.”

Tampa Bay Times: “Prediction time: Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s running mate, Florida Insiders say” — “Joe Biden will choose a running mate during unprecedented circumstances — an evolving public health emergency, historic unemployment and nationwide civil unrest.”

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