Sandusky’s Efforts For A Retrial Continue

Aug 23, 2016

Former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, center, arrives at the Centre County Courthouse for an appeals hearing about whether he was improperly convicted four years ago, in Bellefonte, Pa. Friday, Aug. 12, 2016.

Tuesday's hearing called witnesses from the prosecution of Sandusky’s case.  Much of the questioning focused on whether Sarah Ganim, the journalist who broke the story, got her information from an illegal grand jury leak.

Two of the prosecutors said Ganim’s source could have been a grand jury witness. They were legally able to talk about the case to anyone.

But Al Lindsay, Sandusky’s defense attorney, is optimistic about the possibility of a retrial. He said, “Our position has always been that we felt if we could get a hearing and have a total airing of the circumstances, we would get a new trial. If we got a new trial, we’d win the case.”

The defense initiated these proceedings to prove Sandusky did not receive a proper defense and should be granted a re-trial.

The defense hopes to have Ganim testify in future hearings.