Penn State To Become Tobacco Free

Apr 20, 2018

Penn State will become a tobacco-free university, with a roll-out to begin in fall 2018 and full implementation in spring 2019.
Credit AP

Penn State is joining other Big Ten universities and going tobacco and smoke-free. The new policy will be rolled out in the fall and fully implemented starting in January 2019.

Penn State says the decision to become a smoke-free school is part of the university’s commitment to the health of its students, employees and visitors.

In a news release Thursday, the university said the new policy will cover all forms of smoking and tobacco, including e-cigarettes. It applies to all Penn State campuses.

Imaani Allen, a senior in broadcast journalism, said she thinks the decision is great.

“Especially with the e-cigarettes, the smoke, it gets in your face and in your lungs, and it might smell fruity and stuff, but I just feel like it’s an invasion of my space," Allen said. "I think having it tobacco free and having all that eliminated in public spaces like the library is helpful, and I’ll be able to breath much better.”

The decision follows recommendations by a university task force and student government. Penn State says it's the 11th in the Big Ten Conference to implement this type of policy.

There are a few exceptions. The policy does not apply to unionized employees. People can still light up in closed, personal vehicles parked on university property. And, religious practices, theatrical performances and research will be exempt.