PA Supreme Court Justice Makes Stop At Penn State

Oct 26, 2017

Justice Debra Todd speaking to Penn State College Democrats

Telling Penn State students that their votes matter, Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd recounted how, several years ago, a statewide Democratic judge lost by 48 votes.

“I think that really lets you know how important every vote is," Todd said.

Todd was speaking to a roomful of college Democrats. The visit was just one of the stops she’s making before Pennsylvania’s Nov. 7 vote. She said elder justice, veterans courts and prevention of child abuse are three of the issues important to her.

Todd encouraged the students to stay involved.

“Speak out. Speak out on Facebook. Speak out in person. Speak out to your friends, because the more you stand up and speak out, the more we’ll all be heard.”

If she retains her seat, Todd is in line to become the first woman chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The current chief justice, Thomas Saylor, is also on the ballot for retention; and another justice would be up for the position after that.