Lt. Governor Nominee Jeff Bartos Talks Jobs, Free Speech At Penn State

Sep 17, 2018

The Republican nominee for Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, Jeff Bartos, held a town hall at Penn State on Monday.  

Dozens of students attended and raised questions on balancing the state budget and lowering taxes while maintaining social welfare programs. They also touched on issues including free speech on college campuses and sanctuary cities. The Q&A lasted about an hour.  

“I thought it was unique in that students – we’re kind of in the driver seat with this event," said Reagan McCarthy, president of the Penn State College Republicans. "Normally politicians come to campus and they talk for an hour – usually a little bit boring. I thought this was a pretty unique format.”  

Bartos said he and his running mate, Scott Wagner, support electing a student to Penn State's Board of Trustees. Bartos said he came to hear what students want.  

“What is the state doing and not doing to make this an inviting place for young people to stay, start their careers, start their families and be a vibrant part of our commonwealth community?” Bartos said.  

Bartos and his Democratic opponent, John Fetterman, will have a debate on October 6th in Pittsburgh.