Guest DJ: Fabi Reyna, She Shreds Magazine Founder And Musician

Aug 16, 2019
Originally published on August 16, 2019 10:34 am

Here's a statistic for you: According to Fender Guitars, women now make up 50% of all entry-level players who buy their products.

Why am I sharing that?

Because today our guest is the Portland-based Fabi Reyna, who is not only a very talented guitar player — she currently has two projects, Reyna Tropical and Savíla — but also the groundbreaking publisher of a magazine called She Shreds. It's a publication dedicated completely to women who rip on the guitar or bass (or who would like to), and in it Reyna interviews women you may already know and others who you should know. After 6 years running, She Shreds has shaken up the publishing and music industries.

Naturally, we had lots to talk about.

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