The Folk Show Road Show: John Hammond and James McMurtry

Aug 16, 2017

Blues Hall of Famer, and Grammy Award winner John Hammond performed at the State Theatre March 24th, 2017,  and we fortunate to be able to record the concert for the Folk Show Road show.   In the first hour of the broadcast, we heard  why Tom Waits says with just his voice, guitar and harmonica, Hammond is a great force of nature. John sounds like a big train coming. He chops them all down."

In the second hour of tonight’s broadcast a songwriter from Austin TX, a city legendary for its songwriters. Someone of McMurtry’s stature performing at a small village in Central PA was amazing when he first appeared at Elk Creek several years ago.  Since then proprietor Tim Bowser has established quite a track record of presenting a wide range of remarkable names in music.  And several, like McMurtry go out of their way to return.  McMurtry’s most recent visit was April 1, 2017