Folk Show Road Show: The Foghorn String Band; (and a taste of the Tall Trees, featured next month.)

Oct 27, 2016

The Foghorn Stringboard
The Tall Trees

The Foghorn String Band is the focus of this month's Folk Show Road Show, but we'll also hear from the Tall Trees, a bit of a teaser for next month's broadcast, which will focus on the Tall Trees.  The Foghorn String Band usually sings and plays around one microphone, so performing at the Center For Well-being in a completely acoustic show was no sweat for them.   Recording engineer Greg E. Miller did carefully position one stereo microphone above the group to capture the concert though,  and that's what you 'll hear on the files linked to this page.

The four members of  The Foghorn String Band include Portland, Oregon-based Caleb Klauder (vocals, mandolin, fiddle) and Reeb Willms (vocals, guitar), and Yukon-based Nadine Landry (vocals, upright bass) and Stephen ‘Sammy’ Lind (vocals, fiddle, banjo). Each member of The Foghorn Stringband comes not only from a different part of the American roots music spectrum. Caleb Klauder’s wistful, keening vocals and rapid-fire mandolin picking are as influenced by Southern roots music as much as by his upbringing in Washington State. Also from Washington, Reeb Willms grew up in the state’s Eastern farmlands singing hard-bitten honky-tonk with her family. Nadine Landry’s roots lie in the rural backroads of Acadian Québec, but she cut her teeth as one of the best bluegrass bassists in Western Canada. Minnesotan Stephen ‘Sammy’ Lind, simply put, is one of the best old-time fiddlers of his generation and has a voice that sounds like it’s coming from an old 78.