An Explosion Of Music From Brasil Summerfest 2015

Jul 30, 2015
Originally published on July 30, 2015 4:51 pm

Like most of you, Alt.Latino won't be able to make it to Brasil Summerfest 2015, a 10-day explosion of music held each year in New York City. But the least we can do is bring a bit of the festival to you.

We invited co-curator Beco Dranoff to bring in a sampling of the amazing variety of artists headed to New York for the festival, which begins July 30. They represent just a tiny fraction of the massive expanse of creativity in modern Brazil.

If you only think of samba or bossa nova when you think of Brazilian music, think again. This week, we'll hear everything from big-band jazz arrangements based on Brazilian percussion to 1970s funk re-imagined. There are even Brazilian traditions being created in New York City itself. It's an incredible collection of music from a diverse and exciting festival.

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