Donald Trump Jr. Campaigns For His Father In State College

Oct 20, 2020


Donald Trump Jr. campaigned for his father's re-election on Tuesday at a “Make America Great Again!” event at Fullington Trailways in State College. At the event, Trump Jr. criticized the Democratic party and its nominee, Joe Biden.

Trump Jr. spoke to a few hundred Penn State students and Centre County residents about his belief that the Democratic Party controls the media and how that hurts the Republican Party.  


“Our message will never get out there the same way," Trump Jr. said. "We don’t have a multibillion-dollar mainstream media complex that will campaign for us.” 


Trump Jr. (center) interacts with the crowd after finishing with his "Make America Great Again!" event.
Credit Andrew Destin

Trump Jr. also claimed that if Biden wins the presidency, major tech companies will censor Americans’ free speech. 

“Those kinds of actions, they don’t remind me of America," Trump Jr. said. "They remind me of communist China.” 

Trump Jr. drew laughter from the crowd throughout the event for his jokes aimed at the Democratic party and Biden. In addition to making America great again, Trump Jr. said a vote for his dad will “make liberals cry again.” 

Junior political science major Christian Alberti said Trump Jr. stayed true to his father’s administration and motivated the crowd in an honest way. 

“I thought he really was personable, and I think that really helped for Trump’s campaign today," Alberti said. 

Trump Jr. then headed to Hollidaysburg for another campaign stop, while the president held a rally in Erie.