Democratic Candidates For U.S. House Field Questions During Debate

Apr 20, 2018

Democratic candidates Judy Herschel and Marc Friedenberg answered questions during a debate hosted by the Clinton County Democratic Committee April 19, 2018, in Lock Haven. Herschel and Friedenberg are running in the primary for the U.S. House 12th Congressional district in Pennsylvania.
Credit Anne Danahy / WPSU

The two Democratic candidates running for the U.S. House 12th Congressional district in Pennsylvania met for a debate Thursday night. 

Among the reasons Judy Herschel said she’s running in the Democratic primary is to be a voice for the community on topics many feel are being ignored. Those include health care, jobs, public education and the opioid crisis.

“I believe that we working individuals deserve a voice in Washington, and I’m ready to get in there and get the job done," Herschel said.

Her opponent on the Democratic ballot, Marc Friedenberg, said the rising youth voice is key to the election. Along with gun safety and cybersecurity as priorities, he pointed to climate change as the issue he would be most eager to address in Congress.

“This is not only the biggest threat that we face, but it’s also the biggest opportunity that we have,” Friedenberg said.

The candidates had similar opinions on many issues. Those included being against building a border wall with Mexico and the need to address lobbying.

The Clinton County Democratic Committee sponsored the debate, which took place at the Moose Family Center in Lock Haven. The primary is May 15.