Arguments Conclude In Another Penn State Hazing Hearing, Ruling To Come

Aug 22, 2018

Both sides gave closing statements on Wednesday in the fourth preliminary hearing of the Penn State hazing case. All seven defendants face charges that had been dismissed by two districts judges earlier this year.

The charges were refiled by the attorney general’s office. Prosecutors allege these former fraternity brothers conspired and committed hazing, resulting in the death of pledge Tim Piazza.

In their closing arguments, defense attorneys said their clients had limited interaction with Piazza and had no knowledge of his injuries on bid acceptance night.

Senior Deputy Attorney General Brian Zarallo said the defendants engaged in risky behavior and created the environment that caused Piazza’s death.

Despite introducing two new witnesses and some texts between Piazza and his girlfriend that weren’t shown before, both sides argued the charges similarly in earlier hearings.

Steve Trialonas, the lawyer for Daniel Casey, said, “the evidence was insufficient then and it’s insufficient now.”

Judge Carmine Prestia says he will take the next two days to review the case before making a decision about whether the charges will go to trial.