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Democracy Works: A New Season And A New Cohost

Candis Watts Smith joins Democracy Works as a cohost this season.
Candis Watts Smith

We are excited to begin a new school year with a new cohost, Candis Watts Smith, who you may remember from an episode earlier this summer on her book Stay Woke, or from a roundtable discussion on Black politics back in February.

In this episode, Michael, Chris, and Candis discuss:

  • The dynamics at play in national, state, and local elections this fall
  • How politics impacts the Census Bureau and other organizations
  • Whether all politics are really local
  • What we've learned since 2016 about how democracy functions

We are excited to welcome Candis to our team. As you'll hear, she doesn't always agree with Michael and Chris and brings some important perspectives to the table    

Jenna Spinelle is the Communications Specialist for the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State. She is responsible for shaping all of the institute's external communication, including website content, social media, multimedia, and media outreach.