Erin Cassidy Hendrick

Associate Producer

Erin Cassidy Hendrick was an associate producer at WPSU. She produced the programs “BookMark” and “This I Believe” for the station.

She grew up in Yorktown Heights, New York, which is a small town located just north of New York City.

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Media Studies, Erin completed an internship at WPSU-TV. She has a wide array of production experience, mostly with live video and print media. 

Penn State student Nicholas W. Snyder, 23, was found dead in his home on West College Avenue on Saturday, March 19. Snyder was originally from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and enrolled full-time at Penn State University Park, majoring in hospitality management.

Ferguson Township police responded and found no signs of foul play. Police suspect the death may be related to a substance overdose. The autopsy was performed on Sunday at the Centre County Coroner's Office.

Penn State football player Brent Wilkerson has been charged with indecent assault and harassment stemming from an incident that occurred on February 13. 

Kris Peterson, associate director of football communications at Penn State said, “We are aware of the charges against Mr. Wilkerson. He has been suspended indefinitely from all football and team activities until we have more information. We will not have any additional comment as this is an ongoing legal matter.”

Early Sunday morning, Ferguson Township Police in State College reported finding a deceased woman on the side of Plainfield Road. There were no obvious signs of trauma and the cause of death is currently unknown.

Police believe it is not connected to the recent murder of Pine Grove Mills resident Jean Tuggy. More information will follow after the autopsy, scheduled for February 15.

John Fetterman speaks to the Penn State Democrats on February 1st, 2016.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Senate hopeful John Fetterman spoke with the Penn State Democrats on the University Park campus last night. Fetterman is facing Joe Sestak and Katie McGinty in the upcoming primary.

During his speech, Fetterman spoke about combating wealth disparity, including supporting a minimum wage increase to $15.

He invited students to join him after for a beer at the Rathskellar, a bar in downtown State College.

Cattle from EDN-RU Jerseys from Boalsburg, Pa.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

At the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, thousands gather to experience the landmark 100th Show. Featuring over 6,000 animals, it’s the largest indoor agricultural exhibition in the country.  

Mike McMurtrie of EDN-RU Jerseys in Boalsburg, PA says his family has been coming to the show for about 50 years. His son is now the one who raises the cattle on the farm. He’s hoping their animals do well this year.

He said, “Hey, just like everyone says, it’s the judge’s opinion that day. But, hey we rank ‘em high. Just like everybody else does.”

Poultry specialist Paul Patterson at the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pa.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

At the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, Paul Patterson, a poultry specialist in the Penn State department of Animal Science, stands under a large sign.

“The sign says, ‘why aren’t there any poultry at the fair this year?’ We have no ducklings, no baby chicks hatching and it’s because of avian influenza,” Patterson said.

In the spring of 2014, many poultry farms in the West and Midwest were infected with the avian flu. Brought by wild birds from Canada, about 48 million poultry in the US died or were euthanized to stop the spread.  

Colleen Unroe as she declines the position on the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

At the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisor’s meeting last night, three new supervisors-elect were scheduled to be sworn in. As outspoken candidates opposed to a new student housing development, they defeated all of the incumbents up for reelection in November.

Lewis Goldstein
Penn State/Flickr


How is organic food changing the landscape of food production? We talk with the vice president of brand marketing for Organic Valley, Lewis Goldstein, about his unique company and why they think everyone should know what’s in their food.  

Editor's Note
Jan. 7, 2016

We originally said organic food is grown without the use of pesticides. Organic farmers can use pesticides from a restricted list approved by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). 

Ferguson Township residents hold signs protesting "The Cottages at State College."
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Last night at the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors meeting, the board voted to approve the proposed student housing complex to be built by the Toll Brothers.

The development will be named “The Cottages at State College” and located on White Hall Road and Blue Course Drive. This plan has been controversial because of worries it could threaten the town’s water supply.

The proposed building site for "The Cottages" on Whitehall Road and Blue Course Drive.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Both candidates for Ward 1 of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors say they believe it’s important to balance economic development and environmental preservation. But they disagree on what to do about a new development planned in the township.

A student housing complex named “The Cottages” is being planned on Whitehall Road and Blue Course Drive. The Toll Brothers developers want to buy the land from Penn State. But they need the go-ahead from the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors to start building.

The students from the COMM473 class that organized the event.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Last night, a group of Penn State students stood on the corner of Park and North Atherton in State College. They passed out brightly colored flyers to passing pedestrians that said, “Did you know there have been three fatalities since 2014 on the street YOU are crossing? Help us find out why.”

Student Erica Avallone explained the State College police reached out to her public relations class to help launch a campaign for pedestrian and bicyclist safety. 

“We’re really hoping to change the culture of pedestrian and vehicle safety around campus,” she said.

Ron Quinn and Peg Hambrick survey the future site of the duplex.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

On a green patch of land on University Drive, there are several stakes and flags marking the ground. The executive director of the State College Community Land Trust Ron Quinn, along with Green Build  committee chair Peg Hambrick, are surveying the empty lot owned by their organization.

The Green Build project is uncharted territory for the Land Trust. Usually, it purchases houses and sells them at a lower cost to buyers who would otherwise be priced out of the State College borough.

Shoba Wadhia, author of "Beyond Deportation"
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Under U.S. immigration law, one of the most widely used but misunderstood concepts is prosecutorial discretion. Simply put, that’s the influence immigration officials have on the outcome of a deportation case. It allows authorities to grant “non-priority” status to some illegal immigrants – hoping to use their limited resources to target the more dangerous individuals.

The PSU Alert text message sent in the early morning of Friday, July 10.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Courtney Barrow, a senior at Penn State University Park, was excited to return to State College for her first Arts Fest weekend this year. But just before coming back, she received an alarming text message. “I admit, I was a little shocked and surprised when I got the message about the stalking on campus. Not something you’d really expect to be hearing about on a college campus, especially at Penn State,” she said.

Executive Vice President and Provost Nick Jones and Senior Vice President for finance and business David Gray speak with Penn State staff and faculty.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Penn State held its first town hall meeting yesterday on the University Park campus. It’s a new initiative for university leaders to answer questions and hear concerns from faculty and staff.

One of the moderators, Executive Vice President and Provost Nick Jones, said he hoped to engage more with the internal Penn State community.

“I think what was expressed to us is a desire for more of a two-way conversation, rather than the one-way delivery you often get in terms of an e-mail. So that’s why we are doing this,” he said.

The proposed building site for "The Cottages" on Whitehall Road and Blue Course Drive.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Dave Yoxtheimer, a hydro geologist at the Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research, walks through a seemingly unremarkable tract of land. It’s near Blue Course Drive and Whitehall Road, in State College’s Ferguson Township. Although it seems barren to the naked eye, the land serves an important purpose for the town’s water.

Plastic bag art
Dianna Cohen

Dianna Cohen is an artist and founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. The Coalition is a group that seeks to stop plastic pollution. Cohen is a keynote speaker at the 2015 Plastic Frictions symposium being held Monday at Penn State. She spoke with WPSU's Erin Cassidy Hendrick about "plastic pollution."

Ronald Sullivan addresses the class as Professor Paul Taylor looks on.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Eight months ago in Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown. Since then, the nation has been rocked by protests and debate. In response, the African American Studies department at Penn State University Park is offering a class to help students analyze what happened in Ferguson.

Protestors holding signs at the rally.
Jake Somerville / WPSU

Despite the snow and cold, hundreds gathered in front of Old Main on Penn State's University Park campus to protest the alleged actions of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. 

Co-organizer Lauren Lewis, a Penn State student, began the rally by reading an open letter to Penn State president Eric Barron, which she encouraged attendees to sign. "We are here both to support the victims of Kappa Delta Rho and to call upon university leaders to take a stronger, more decisive action," she said.

Reviewer Erin Cassidy Hendrick and the cover of "Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town"
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

The tagline of Gregory Miller’s “The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town” is simple and succinct: “Thirty-three tales. Thirty-three tellers. One lost town.”

Courtney Barrow / PSN News

 Schwab Auditorium on Penn State University Park’s campus was packed to capacity last night with fans of the incredibly popular podcast, “Serial.”

The podcast is State College resident Sarah Koenig’s investigation into the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Sayed, for her murder.

Koenig spoke about the research and development of the podcast. She also stressed to journalism students about the importance of fact checking.

Protestors at the Allen Street Gates in State College, Pa.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

On a chilly Saturday afternoon in State College, among busy downtown traffic, Salvation Army bell-ringers and even a wedding photo shoot, a group of about twenty people solemnly stood at the gates of Allen Street.  

The group gathered for a protest in the wake of Michael Brown and Eric Garner’s deaths. This was the latest of several rallies in State College, some in support of law enforcement but most, like Saturday’s, to protest police brutality and institutionalized racism.

“Billy Joel: The Definitive Biography” by Fred Schruers is an obvious read for diehard Billy Joel fans. The painstakingly researched biography details Joel’s persona and describes the inspiration behind his music - from heartbreak, to career troubles, to the Cold War.  

It was originally meant to be an autobiography, with Schruers ghost writing, but just before publication Joel announced he wasn’t interested. So the project became a biography created from hundreds of hours of interviews with family, friends, band members and the musician himself.

Shoba Wadhia presents "Immigration 101."
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

On June 12th of this year, Homeland Security Investigations conducted enforcement raids at several Asian restaurants located in State College. More than a dozen people were detained and six were reportedly deported.WPSU’s Erin Cassidy Hendrick attended a community event last night spurred by this investigation.

Jack Langelaan and a 'drone' from the AVIA lab.
Patrick Mansell / Penn State


When most people hear the word ‘drones,’ they think of government spying and undercover military operations. But research labs like Penn State’s Aerospace Engineering Lab are looking into other important uses for drones. WPSU’s Erin Cassidy Hendrick visited the lab to talk about potential uses for drones—and discovered being in the cutting edge can have a downside.

A small drone, only about the size of an apple, flies through The Air Vehicle Intelligence and Anatomy Lab, nicknamed the AVIA lab.

It was a sunny and warm Election Day for voters in central Pennsylvania. WPSU’s Erin Cassidy Hendrick visited the polls in State College and found voter turn-out seemed to be higher than expected.

Todd Brown spent the day stumping for Scott Conklin at a polling place in State College. He says there was a steady stream of voters all day, and thinks it was the mild weather that brought them out.

“I’ve been doing this for a few years, and the weather, it’s usually about 30, 35 degrees cold, chilly. Sometimes that drives people away. But today it’s been gorgeous,” he said.

Photographer Brandon Stanton spoke to Penn State students last night about his popular blog titled “Humans of New York.” The photo project consists of thousands of portraits of New Yorkers and short quotes or stories detailing their personal journeys. WPSU’s Erin Cassidy Hendrick reports. 

Last night at the Eisenhower Auditorium, Brandon Stanton described the evolution of his photography project, “Humans of New York.” By stopping people on the street and asking to take their photo, he began to curate both unique and universal examples of humanity.

Erin Cassidy Hendrick
Emily Reddy / WPSU

 I’ve always been surrounded by dogs. As a child, our family included a Saint Bernard, a collie and a golden retriever. But I didn’t realize the full extent of my bond with animals until I adopted two dogs of my own.

I believe in rescue dogs.

In 2010, I adopted a shelter dog with my then-boyfriend, now husband Evan. First, the puppy was shy and unsure, but he grew into a slightly neurotic but blissfully happy dog named Mickey. After teaching him the necessary commands and housebreaking him, our new townhouse in State College was calm and peaceful.

Home Stage house.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

Can you purchase a home in State College--and decorate it--affordably? The State College Community Land Trust is hosting an event this weekend to show how you just might be able do both. 

This summer, a vacant house on Sunrise Terrace, near downtown State College, was bustling with volunteers painting bare walls, ripping up outdated carpets and landscaping unruly grass

Now volunteers are hanging decorative artwork and moving in platform beds, chandeliers and throw pillows.