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NPR's Guy Raz Talks about TED Radio's New Season

photo by Kainaz Amaria
courtesy of NPR

Guy Raz, host of The TED Radio Hour from NPR,  spoke with WPSU's Kristine Allen about what it's like to put together a show like TED Radio, what he's learned from the creating this show over the past year, and what's in store for the season two premiere of the show this Sunday.

Kristine Allen is Program Director of WPSU-FM. She also files feature stories for WPSU on the arts, culture, science, and more. When she's not at WPSU, Kris enjoys playing folk fiddle, acting, singing and portrait-sketching. She is also a self-confessed "science geek." Kris started working in public radio in college, at age 17, and says she "just couldn't stop."