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The Local Groove

Archive of the Local Groove from April 27, 2024
All music featured is from The Local Groove Presents on WPSU-TV
Adam & The Armadillos - I Learned It From Hank
Cass & The Bailout Crew - Throw Another Stone
Eric Ian Farmer & Friends - Attempted Genocide
Gabe Stillman - Ain't Gonna Change
Hannah Bingman - Clearer And Clearer
ma'am - Eligah
Mama Corn - Holdin' Pen
Marshmellow Overcoat - At The End Of The Day
Mellow Honey - The Sugar Store
Natascha & The Spy Boys - Bad Girl
The Dishonest Fiddlers - Marylou's Flowers
The PennSoulvanians - Last Call
The Sorters - Ocean Beach

Host - Radios Don Bedell