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Lycoming County Prison moves female inmates to Centre and Clinton jails due to staffing issues

Stock photo of a jail cell.

The Lycoming County Prison has moved all of its female inmates to jails in Centre and Clinton counties due to staffing issues.

Tony Mussare, vice chair of the Board of Commissioners in Lycoming County, said one problem was that correctional officers at the county prison were subject to mandatory overtime.

"You put in your shift of eight hours," Mussare said. "Well, at seven hours and 59 minutes, your boss could come up to you and say you have to work another shift."

He said this was especially hard on officers with kids who had to arrange childcare at the last minute.

To lessen the strain on officers, the decision was made to move the prison's 12 female inmates to jails in Centre and Clinton counties.

The Lycoming County Prison has also added some part-time correctional officers, but Mussare said that hasn't eliminated staffing issues.

"For as many as we're bringing in, we're losing some to the state and federal prisons because they're offering more as well," Mussare said. "It's a revolving door right now, and it's just something we're going to have to deal with."

According to Mussare, Lycoming County Prison recently increased correctional officer pay to $20 an hour.

He said female inmates will be brought back as soon as possible. Hopefully, by the end of the year.

Katie Knol is a WPSU radio news intern for fall 2022.