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Health Minute: Flu Vaccination

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WPSU’s Health Minute is a collaboration with Penn State’s Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing.

Flu season hits its peak in the winter months. The best way to protect yourself is to get a yearly vaccination. Flu typically causes difficulty breathing and can lead to pneumonia. Other symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough, and muscle aches. It's especially important to get the flu shot this year so we can distinguish the flu from the COVID-19 virus, which has similar symptoms.

It takes two weeks to develop antibodies against the flu, so experts recommend getting vaccinated before the end of October. Shots are available to anyone over 6 months old and you can also get it at the same time you receive the new COVID-19 bi-valent booster shot that’s now widely available. For more information, contact your personal health care provider, or visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.

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Emily Reddy is the news director at WPSU-FM, the NPR-affiliate public radio station for central and northern Pennsylvania.