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The Local Groove - August 26, 2023

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Archive of The Local Groove from August 26, 2023.

Coconut Wolf & Erin Outfield / "10th Wonder"
Coleman Rigg & The Ridge Runners / "Alibi"
Company Townes / "Move Along"
Hubba Hubba Ha Ha / "View From A Car Window"
John Cunningham / "Point Of A Pin"
Mara Katria / "Mountain Stone"
OK Otter / "All Aboard"
Philip Masorti / "Crimson"
Steve Treado / "Sweet Margarita"
StoneMan / "What's Good For You"
The Long Afternoon / "Interesting Things"
Tichner-Scott / "There Is No You"
Women's National Hockey League / "Give Up The Ship"

Host: "Radio's" Don Bedell