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The Local Groove - July 9, 2022

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Archive of The Local Groove from July 9, 2022

Backseat VanGogh / "Catch a New Wave"
Ballet Crisis / "Come Back Gauguin"
Callinish / "The Mountain Road / Brownie Reel"
Chris Bell / "My Jimi Hendrix Stuff"
Eric Ian Farmer / "Show Me The Way"
Idle Kyle / "Grounded"
Jerry Bresee / "River Song"
John Cunningham / "I Was Tryin'"
Lemont / "Picture of a Thought"
Natasha & The Spy Boys / "Bad Girl"
Tahoka Freeway / "Light Rain"
The Allan Scott Band / "Tidal Wave"
The Echo & Sway / "Mexican War Streets"
The Long Afternoon / "Autoresponder"

Host: The Mighty Wiggus