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Centre Film Festival brings diverse stories to homes and theaters in hybrid festival this week
The festival premieres at the Rowland Theatre, with streaming online as well, from November 1-7.

The Centre Film Festival begins Monday and runs through Sunday. The festival includes films made by everyone from high school students to industry professionals.

In its third year, the Centre Film Festival has more films than ever before. It will be a hybrid-model, with both online access and in-person screenings at The Rowland Theatre in Philipsburg, The State Theatre in State College and The Mishler Theatre in Altoona. Artistic Director Pearl Gluck said the films relate to a diverse audience.

“Films that seem to have come in this year, have been a real slice of what’s going on globally,” Gluck said.

Gluck also wanted to have a wide range of ages both making the films, and judging in the festival.

“It’s inspiring when you think about someone in high school right now, who thinks there isn’t really... it's not an LA or New York. It doesn’t matter," Gluck said. "Tell your story. Speak your truth, and do it in a place of passion for yourself.”

Madeline Anderson is being awarded the Lifetime Achievement award at the festival. She’s known for being one of the first Black TV producers and directors, including on “Sesame Street” and “The Electric Company." Gluck sat down with Anderson and learned how her passion for movies began.

“I mean I just got lost in the movies,” Anderson said.

However, Anderson quickly realized the inequalities that still existed on screen.

“As I grew older, I began to notice how [the] Hollywood stereotype of Black people was, on the screen,” Anderson said.

She said she made it a point in her career to bash these stereotypes and promote change in the world of filmmaking.

Gluck said the Centre Film Festival will share the stories of those who haven’t felt seen before.

Miriam Colvin is a fall 2021 news intern for WPSU.