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Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal's new book offers a 'User's Guide' for managing risks

Weighing risks. (Getty Images)
Weighing risks. (Getty Images)

How do we deal with risk? And how do we understand it?

That’s the topic of a new book by someone who has spent a career navigating risks with high costs: retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

McChrystal was commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010. Here & Now‘s Scott Tong speaks with him about “Risk: A User’s Guide.”

Excerpted from Risk: A User’s Guide by General Stanley A. McChrystal, US Army, Retired & Anna Butrico, in agreement with Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright (c) McChrystal Group LLC, 2021.

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