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Singer-Songwriter Jacob Collier Hasn’t Let Lockdown Pause His Music (Rebroadcast)

Musicians have adapted to the pandemic in a number of ways. English singer-songwriter Jacob Collier has kept himself busy, writing, performing and… devising new ways to bring live music back into fans’s lives.

The 26-year-old is a Grammy-winning artist and most recently completed work on his newest album, “Djesse Vol. 3.”

From Collier’s interview with NPR:

And Djesse Vol. 3, this particular volume. I suppose it explores much more the idea of almost negative space. It’s like all of the whole scenario has collapsed and you’re in the middle of the night and you’re exploring all of the kind of deep funk within all of the strange weirdness of what it means to stay up late at night and create stuff.

Collier joins us to discuss his work and making music in lockdown.

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Emmanuel Johnson