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ER Doctor Feels 'Increasing Sense Of Loss' 1 Year After Paralyzing Accident

Last year, a mountain biking accident left emergency physician Daniel Grossman paralyzed below his mid-abdomen. Just months later, he returned to work, determined to maintain the life he had before the accident. His recovery has been difficult, but Grossman says he’s more comfortable working in the emergency room at the Mayo Clinic these days.

“It’s sometimes scary caring for other patients with spinal cord injuries. Maybe they broke a foot because they hit it against a wall, or they have a systemic infection from a skin sore that’s become infected,” he says. “All things that could and may happen to me at some point.”

Grossman, who traveled to more than 60 countries before the accident, recently took his first international trip in a wheelchair.

“[It] was a major hurdle to a feeling of normalcy and being able to do what I’m passionate about,” Grossman says of his trip to London.

Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson traveled to Minnesota with producer Chris Bentley for a glimpse at Grossman’s recovery earlier this year.

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