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Converge Tells You About Terror In Video For 'I Can Tell You About Pain'

At this point, you're either with Converge or against it. Nearly 25 years after its debut album, the band's cyclonic buzzsaw is unmistakable — this is hardcore-fueled extreme music that simultaneously elevates and destroys; pity to those who don't experience an epiphany in the pit.

Converge is currently wrapping up its ninth album, but in the meantime, the band's releasing a two-track 7" that you can hear right now. "Eve," its B-side, is a doomy and bracing seven minutes, perhaps a nod to Neurosis, with whom Converge is touring in July and August. The A-side, "I Can Tell You About Pain," is more classic Converge, a short, bruising metallic hardcore track set on edge, but ripped from Jacob Bannon's soul as he screams, "I swear I'm trying / You don't know what my pain feels like."

Tony Wolski directs this video for "I Can Tell You About Pain," reflecting the song's savage tone with stylized Stanley Kubrick-like terror. Our protagonist enjoys a glass of milk and suddenly hallucinates a garbage bag coming to life and a woman basked in neon light heals a wicked nosebleed. What was in that milk?

"I Can Tell You About Pain" b/w "Eve" is out now digitally via Epitaph and physically via Deathwish Inc. Converge goes on tour with Neurosis starting July 28.

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